Bamboo Charcoal - Water Purifier (6pcs)

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  • Water Purifier, dissolves harmful chemical, release natural minerals.
  • Emits far infra-rays & negative ions can reduce H2o. Molecules’ volume, promote blood circulation & metabolism.
  • Rice cooking, it gives and extra touch of fragrance and quality.
  • Coffee and tea taste better.


Water purifier: Absorb chlorine, pesticide residues and dissolves harmful chemical from tap water, release natural minerals. Far infrared Rays can break down the water molecule clusters into smaller. The body easily absorbed and improves health.

Deep frying: Absorb carcinogen produced by boiled oil, make food tastier and healthier.

Keep food fresh: Place bamboo charcoal slices to rice container and dry food, adjust humidity, prevents termites and insect repellent.

For bath: Promote blood circulation as same as to SPA.

Fish Tank: Good for fish health.

Cleaning steps:

Wash charcoal slices with a clean brush soft clear under tap water (Don’t use detergent to wash).

Place the bamboo charcoal into tap water. Boiling water 20 minutes and leave to air-dry for 1 day before 1st usage. (Don’t dry under the sun directly)


Water purifier:

4 slices of charcoal for 1 litre of water container for a day or a boiler to drink. Replace charcoal slices after 3 months of usage,

Rice cooking:

Cook every 1-2 cups rice with 1 charcoal slice. Rinse and air-dry after every usage. Replace charcoal slices after 10 times of rice cooking.

Deep Frying:

Place 2 charcoal slices inside cold oil before deep drying food, recycle use 3 times. 

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