Bamboo Charcoal Bolster (Baby)

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Bamboo Charcoal, a superior quality product by Japanese technology, is absolutely natural and known as "Black Diamond" in Japan. CHARCOAL HOUSE'S bamboo charcoal is made by burning matured bamboo at high temperature, produce a unique porous structure that exhibited unique qualities such as: absorption, deodorization, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mites, air purification, water purification, humidity adjustment, and mold prevention. It also dispels electromagnetic waves. Far infrared ray and negative ions help improve blood circulation, boost metabolism and relieve fatigue.

Function: Bolsters can also use as a support pillow for neck, shoulders, legs and lower back as it provide great support. Far infrared ray and negative ions help promote blood circulation, remove neck, shoulder and leg fatigue and relieve backache. It draws away surrounding odour and moisture.

Usage Direction: Sun it monthly, only cover is washable and removable. Replace it after approx. 2 years.

Material: Cotton Cover, Poly Propylene, Bamboo Charcoal, PP Cotton.

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