Bamboo Charcoal Health Pillow Protector

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Japanese technology, bamboo charcoal, has been considered as "Black Diamond" in Japan, Korea and Taiwan for the past decade. It is made from mature bamboo which is carbonized under around a thousand degree heat, possesses a unique porous structure, which made up its superior functions like absorption, deodorization, anti-bacterial, air purification, and humidity adjustment. It also eliminates electromagnetic waves, generates far infrared ray and releases negative ions. Most importantly, it is an absolutely natural and environmentally-friendly product.

Function: Far infrared ray and negative ions effect help to promote sleep and increase blood circulation, boost metabolism, boost blood flow to the brain, ease nerves, relieve uneasiness of mind. Symptoms like shoulder stiffness, headache, asthma, insomnia can also be improved. Bamboo charcoal health pillow protector absorbs perspiration and bad smell, adjusts air moisture level, keeps pillow dry and comfortable. Recommended to people who are under situations of bad sleeping quality, easy perspiring, skin and nose allergy, long-term working pressure etc. 

Usage Direction: Remove packing. Direct apply on top of normal pillow and place normal pillow case over it. Sun it regularly for maximum usage. Do not wash.

Recommended shelf life: Approximately 2 years.

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