Alkaline Mineral Water Ionizer Hot Water (550ml)

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  1. 100% BPA Free
  2. Durable & Clear Material
  3. Suitable for Both Cold & Hot Water
  4. Providing Calcium, Magnesium and various natural minerals.
  5. Converting from tap water to alkaline water.
  6. By lower ORP, reduction potential is raised.
  7. Emission of negative ion.
  8. Promoting tea to brew in cold water, and making food taste mild.
  9. Drink alkaline water with natural mineral anytime, anywhere.
  10. Mineral alkaline water bottle is designed modernly for climbing, hiking, fishing, fitness, travel and driving.

Ball composition

Turns tap water into mineral alkaline ion water. Supply of various mineral and active hydrogen

  • Mg Ball: Low level of ORP
  • Negative-Ion Ball: Emission of negative ion
  • Ca Ball: Converting to Alkaline Water
  • Far –infrared Ball: Activation of metabolism
  • Multiple Mineral Ball: Contain above 10 kinds of Mineral
  • Tourmaline Ball: Maximize the synergy effect of Ceramic balls
  • Antioxidant Ball: Increase of natural power

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