Bamboo Charcoal Health Seat Pad

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Charcoal House is the only corporate equipped with a Bamboo Charcoal Research Institute, and also proud recipient of 68 patents. We have produced many lifestyle products combining Japan advance bamboo charcoal making technology with superior quality Moso bamboo harvested after 5 years of cultivation. With 9 major features and benefit, our products have penetrated into every aspect of our life including health and beauty skin care. Our organic products are certified under ISO9001 and ISO14001

Feature: Long term seating may result in blood circulation problem, back and shoulder discomfort, piles and heat rash. Charcoal House bamboo charcoal has good absorbing ability, breathable, antibacterial, deodorant. Releases natural far infrared rays and negative ions. Penetrate human muscle, bone, softening waste in blood vessel, promote blood and oxygen circulation and metabolism. Active cells, relieve fatigue. Minimize pain, fat accumulation around the hip and piles. The special designed bamboo charcoal particle-packing give great massage effect. 


Hand wash outer layer. Sun the internal pack once a month to enhance the effect.

50cm x 50cm

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