Natural Bamboo Vinegar (100ml)

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Bamboo vinegar has the essence of bamboo that contains over 200 organic ingredients. Activate skin cells, soften keratin, boost blood circulation, especially effectively to sensitive, dry, whitening and wrinkled skin. Also good for people who are prone to have skin problems. Such as pimples, freckles, dandruff, hair loss, acne, athlete's foot. It can be used with water for furniture and floor wiping to kill 99% of the germs 


1. Remove pest, and is 100% natural

2. It has been proven to be effective against lupus erythematosus, eczema, sensitive skin, smelly feet and hand dermatitis

3. Kills 99% of the bacteria when sprayed in toilets seats

4.When added to the water that is used to mop the floor, it kills germs, removes pet smell, mking it clean and environmentally friendly


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