Bamboo Charcoal- Its Amazing Usage

Natural. Healthy. Fashionable.
Bamboo charcoal is one of bamboo’s series products. It has been considered as “Black Diamond” in Japan, Korea and Taiwan for the past decade. It is made from mature bamboo (4-5 yrs) which is carbonized under 800ºc-1000ºc heat. It possesses a unique porous structure, which make-up its superior functions like absorption, deodorization, anti-bacterial, purification, and humidity adjustment. It can also eliminate electromagnetic waves, generate far infrared ray and release negative irons. Most importantly, it is an absolutely natural and environmental friendly product in 21st century.

Functions of Bamboo Charcoal:
  • Strong absorption function: Eliminating bad smell and deodorization. Ideal for air and water purification purpose.
  • Far infrared ray generation: Warming body, boost blood circulation and metabolism, improve body condition and sleep quality and remove fatigue.
  • Humidity regulator: Adjust air humidity to the best of human comfort.
  • Negative iron generation: Ease body tension, refresh mind, reduce bacteria formation, and keep body in health state.
  • Electromagnetic waves dissipation: Keep human free from the invisible harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from TV, Hi-Fi, computers and hand phones to keep human body in health state.
  • Mineral release: Release possessed natural minerals like kalium, sodium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Fighting bacteria and activate microbes: Prevent mildew formation in our daily life and active microbes in soil and agriculture use.
  • Skin whitening and deep cleansing: Deep clean skin and of skin whitening function.
  • Other purpose: Used not only as fuel, also applied to industry, agriculture, military, electronics, environmental protection, food curing, medical and textile fields.