Charcoal Earthenware

Charcoal House(竹恋) enterprise uses traditional method, charcoal powder blended with clay – charcoal earthenware.  It has wide usage combined with modern living and environmental protection. Bamboo charcoal earthenware was created by using scientific method to produce an environmental friendly, natural and healthy product. It has no chemical element, no added color and no paints in it. It is the product that not only beautify our daily life but it also a product for health conscious people -
Bamboo charcoal earthenware is black and dark gray and is different from the normal earthenware products. It has special function:  
  • It absorbs toxic gases and purify the air  
  • It absorbs harmful substance in liquid and purify it, and at the same time it emits mineral that is beneficial to the human body 

Various type of Bamboo Charcoal Earthenware 
There are various types of earthenware and can be made on order, there are few types according to its function:  
- Water purification type: dining utensil, cup, kettle:
  • Dissolve harmful chemical substance & heavy metal ,remove odor , purify  water quality and release good natural minerals.
  • Emssion of Far infra-ray & negative ions can reduce H2O molecules’ volume and thereby benefit to human body absorption , promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.
- Air purification type: penholder, ashtray, vase, decorative items, etc:  
It has wide usage combined with modern living and environmental protection idea, created a brand new product - functional and blocking effect of electromagnetic wave radiation at the same time provides viewing pleasure in a trendy and nature setting.  
- Absorption type: Tea jar, rice or food container, etc:    
  • Superb moisture absorption , deodorization. 
  • Absorption of dissolved harmful substances and air purification.  
  • Absorb pesticide residues from tea and rice. 
  • Avoid bump  
  • Do not soak for too long while washing, do not use cleansing agents 
  • Bask frequently during wet weather 

Product Standard  
These products strictly adhere to Q/SCBYZ50—2003 production standard and satisfy all safety and hygiene requirements by national GB14147-93 standard